Chand Raat Poetry 2023

In this post, you can free download Chand Raat poetry, the best Chand Raat Urdu poetry 2023 as well as Chand Raat poetry image to give Chand Raat Mubarak with advance eid Mubarak to your friends.

He bought new clothes, shoes, toys for friends and relatives, and boys and girls. Everyone is busy preparing their facial beauty and the girls go to the parlor to get their hair cut. Chaat Raat night is very charming and wonderful because all the girls and women go to the market to buy jewelry and many other things. On the night of Eid ul Fitr, the big stores, markets, and malls are open till the next morning because people are shopping all the time because you know that there is a special preparation and people enjoy it.

Chand Raat Poetry

Chand Raat is a special and popular festival among Muslims, especially on Eid days, the Chand Raat is celebrated before the day of Eid. On this occasion, the Muslims wish that Chand Raat poetry, Romantic poetry, and many more. Chand Raat is celebrated with great joy among family and relatives and friends.

In this article’s huge collection of beautiful chand Raat poetry in Urdu & English and send to your best friends, relatives, and your loved ones.

Chandni Raat poetry in Urdu text 2023

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  • Main muntazar hon teri deed ka, Toun nazar ai chand ban ke eid ka.
  • Har kise ka ley khan hoti ha eid ke khushayan, Khushayan lata ha kahan sub ke ley eid ka Chand:
  • Jub chahain hum eid muna leain, Chand humara apna hai: Tumharay Chand se chahray ke agar deed ho jai, Qasam hai apni Aakhon ke hamary Eid ho jai:

2 lines of Chand poetry in Urdu 2023

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جی بھر کے دیکھ لیجیے ہم کو قریب سے

پھر آپ کے نصیب میں یہ بات ہو نہ ہو

اُف! وہ ترشے ہُوئے ہونٹوں پہ تبسّم کی لکیر

ہائے ، اُن مست نِگاہوں کا اثر کیا کہیئے

‏اڑ جاٸیں گے تصویر سےرنگوں کی طرح ہم

ہم وقت کی ٹہنی پہ پرندوں کی طرح ہی

نہ ہر سحر کا وہ جھگڑا نہ شب کی بے چینینہ

چولہا جلتا ہے گھر میں، نہ آنکھیں جلتی ہیں

میں کتنے امن سے گھر میں اداس رہتا ہوں

Chand Raat poetry with images and HD wallpapers 2023

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