Eid ul Fitr 2022

Eid ul Adha

Eid al Adha activities in Qatar

Previously we wrote about eid activities in different countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Morocco, Dubai, etc. We have also written a guide about eid al Adha activities in schools. But today I am going to write about eid al Adha activities in Qatar for this coming eid al Adha 2020. So if you live in the country or want to celebrate this eid al Adha in Qatar then you should read this.

Although the above-given ideas on how to spend this eid al Adha in Qatar would be almost similar to guides in which we mentioned how to spend this eid al Adha in different countries but still in the end I would add something special for Qatar people. So stay tuned.

Eid Activities:

As I mentioned in every activity post, there are two kinds of activities. One is religious activities and the other is non-religious. The religious activities are the same for all countries and I mostly focus on that. But the non-religious are different. But as while writing this, there is quite a time remaining to eid. So my main focus would be religious activities. Maybe I update this later and add some non-religious activities as well.

Eid Ul Adha Activities In Qatar:

So here are some of the activities for Qatari people on this eid al Adha:

Buy A Good Animal:

Actually, the is a pre eid activity. So, if you haven’t bought a good animal you should buy one. Don’t waste further time because the earlier you will buy it the swab will you get.

Eid Al Adha 2022 Animals Prices In Qatar:

This is the question most people ask. So I would be writing a separate detailed guide on this and would add the link here. So if it is not added till now probably I would be working on it. So stay tuned.

Buy Yourself clothes:

Another pre eid task that you should complete is to buy yourself and your family new clothes for this eid ul Adha. Not only clothes but you should also buy other important things that would be needed for Qurbani.

Eid Prayer:

Now, this is the must eid activity. You must perform this eid al Adha namaz at any cost. Because it is not good to leave any religious activity on eid. And this namaz/prayer will come one time the whole year so try never to skip it.


After eid prayer, it is advised to perform the sacrifice/Qurbani on the eid first day so that you have the remaining days to enjoy other things.

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