Eid ul Fitr Date 2023 in Pakistan

Eid ul Fitr Date 2022 in Pakistan

Eid ul Fitr is a famous festival for Muslims and every Muslim is happy these days. All over the world closed on this day, school, college, office, and government holidays.

Muslims read Quran regularly each day and complete it on the last day of Ramadan. This whole journey of prayer and knowledge resembles a mini boot camp in which the Muslims seek training each year. The training with high rigor and zeal acts as a shield to protect them from committing any sins. Fasting makes us feel sympathetic towards those without many resources to enjoy the luxuries of life.

Eid-ul-Fitr Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2019Wed5 JuneEid-ul-FitrPublic Holiday
2020Sun24 MayEid-ul-FitrPublic Holiday
2021Thu13 MayEid-ul-FitrPublic Holiday
2022Mon2 MayEid-ul-FitrPublic Holiday
2023Sat22 AprilEid-ul-FitrPublic Holiday
2024Wed10 AprilEid-ul-FitrPublic Holiday
2025Sun30 MarchEid-ul-FitrPublic Holiday

Previous Years

202114 MayFriEid ul-Fitr
15 MaySatEid ul-Fitr Holiday
16 MaySunEid ul-Fitr Holiday
202025 MayMonEid ul-Fitr
26 MayTueEid ul-Fitr Holiday
27 MayWedEid ul-Fitr Holiday
20194 JunTueEid ul-Fitr Holiday
5 JunWedEid ul-Fitr
6 JunThuEid ul-Fitr Holiday
7 JunFriEid ul-Fitr Holiday
201815 JunFriEid ul-Fitr Holiday
16 JunSatEid ul-Fitr
17 JunSunEid ul-Fitr Holiday
18 JunMonEid ul-Fitr Holiday
201726 JunMonEid ul-Fitr
27 JunTueEid ul-Fitr Holiday
28 JunWedEid ul-Fitr Holiday

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