Eid ul Fitr Last Ten Years

 Eid ul Fitr 2022 is in its last phase and there is just a week to go for the biggest festival for Muslims worldwide. As Eid is touching our feet now and here is a big collection of Eid ul Fitr’s Last Ten Years. This Eid ul Fitr Last Ten Years can be used to wish a friend, family member, mother, father, husband, wife, lover, boyfriend bf, girlfriend, etc.

About Eid ul Fitr

 We also have the same question as celebrating Eid al Fitr in Muslims is dependent upon the sighting of the moon, so Muslims across the world will try to sight the moon on the night of Friday, if the moon is sighted then Eid 2023 will be celebrated on Friday, 21 April 2023 or else on Saturday, 22 April 2023.

Eid ul Fitr Last Ten Years

Here you can see the eid ul Fitr Last ten years and you see the Ramadan date last ten. This is the festival of Muslims and this is a famous festival for Every Muslim in the world.

YearStart of RamadanEid al-Fitr
2010Aug. 11 (A.H. 1431)Sept. 10 (A.H. 1431)
2011Aug. 1 (A.H. 1432)Aug. 31 (A.H. 1432)
2012July 20 (A.H. 1433)Aug. 19 (A.H. 1433)
2013July 9 (A.H. 1434)Aug. 8 (A.H. 1434)
2014June 29 (A.H. 1435)July 29 (A.H. 1435)
2015June 18 (A.H. 1436)July 18 (A.H. 1436)
2016June 7 (A.H. 1437)July 6 (A.H. 1437)
2017May 27 (A.H. 1438)June 26 (A.H. 1438)
2018May 16 (A.H. 1439)June 15 (A.H. 1439)
2019May 6 (A.H. 1440)June 4 (A.H. 1440)
2020April 24 (A.H. 1441)May 24 (A.H. 1441)
2021April 13 (A.H. 1442)May 13 (A.H. 1442)
2022April 3 (A.H. 1443)May 3 (A.H. 1443)
2023Friday, 21(A.H. 1444)April 31

Eid ul Fitr Collection

The exclusive list of Eid ul Fitr 2023 wishes is collected from various sources to let you celebrate Eid ul Fitr and wish your friends a great Eid 2023. So, what you need to do here is, just copy the best Eid Mubarak wishes you like then send it by WhatsApp or Facebook and wish your loved one a great eid. Wishing you all a very happy eid, And hoping that all the things you wish For will be yours throughout the year.

Eid ul Fitr Last Ten Years
Eid ul Fitr Last Ten Years
Eid ul Fitr Last Ten Years

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